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Securitree was founded in the middle of 2003 and has aimed to supply specialized, high- level information security functions. Our company is constructed of a leading team of experts who acquired years of experience in a large array of security disciplines, in the information security field and in IT systems.

The current information security field offers thousands of security products. Our experience with integration of security systems has led us to conclude that the simplicity of maintenance and management of these products ought to be a major factor in choosing security solutions.

Our vast experience and our mutual cooperation with information security vendors, allow us to construct the preeminent security solutions, to best fit the customers organizational policies, needs and priorities, along with attractive prices.

Our company reviews and analyzes the customers business assets and its risks, to tailor security suits that will yield the most effective technological and organizational solutions. Proficient solution assembly will highly reduce the vulnerability level, thus allowing the company to sustain competent commercial existence.

Our Advantages
Our leading personnel maintain various significant advantages, which place Securitree in an admirable proficiency level. Among these advantages are:
  • Business and commercial perception Customers anticipate an understanding of their business, beyond security or technological understanding. Our immense experience in numerous companies of many commercial fields, grants us the ability to analyze the customers risks, assets, needs and priorities, through an inclusive view, combining business understanding, along with proficient security comprehension.
  • Technological expertise our staff has accumulated decades of experience in planning, implementing, maintaining, controlling and managing security systems, both in Israel and worldwide. We maintain a mutual collaboration with security vendors and constantly stay updated with the dynamic changes in risks and their technological solutions.
  • Cost-Benefit analysis capabilities Our personnel is capable of analyzing the cost-benefit of the security solutions suggested to our customers. Our solutions incorporate financial considerations that we establish based on Return on Security Investment (ROSI), to reach the most efficient solution.
  • Flexibility Our team will construct the optimum solution, through flexible security components which best fit the customers organizational policies, its IT architecture, assets, risks, needs and priorities.

Securitrees staff understands that an effective security solution needs to be fully embedded within the customers organizational policy and requires the support of efficient technological implementation, management of the solutions and control over usage, along with employee training, which would enhance awareness. These factors, if combined properly, will furnish a user-friendly and effective low-vulnerability company.

Our notion in choosing and planning the optimal security solution, is:
The best solution is one that incorporates a high technological level with components that fit well with existing infrastructures and a simplicity in management and maintenance of the solution.

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