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   Penetration Testing & Durability Examinations

Our personnel is highly experienced in conducting penetration tests and durability examinations within dynamic sites (E-Business) and complex Gateways. Our team performs hacker simulations, conducted from the Internet and/or from within the company, into different organizational units, to which the hacker should have been denied access. Securitree analyzes all OSI layers, through the communication level and onto the application level, which is vulnerable to penetrations.

Risk Assessment & Security Audit

Securitrees security audit is designed to investigate and report on the customers security vulnerabilities and risks. Once vulnerabilities and their valuation are understood, a strategy and tactical plan to address weaknesses can be developed.

Our audit includes a comprehensive evaluation of security management controls and processes including policy, procedures, organization, physical security, network security, application and data security, messaging security and commerce security.

The audit also includes but is not limited to: identifying internal and external vulnerabilities, evaluating existing security practices, recommending practical action plans, and creating professional documentation that will form the basis of a sound security program.

Features and Benefits of Securitrees Security Audit:

  • Identify the effectiveness of the customers current security program.
  • Validate compliance against industry standards (BS7799/ISO17799), laws or regulations.
  • Perform due diligence responsibility to managerial level personnel.
  • Understand your network vulnerabilities
  • Assess and evaluate risks.
  • Probe for security holes, and expose weaknesses.
  • Prioritize security initiatives.
  • Determine incident response readiness.
  • Evaluate and test business continuity and disaster recovery capability.

Relying on a combination of technical and subjective methods, Securitree can assess the effectiveness of existing practices and countermeasures and compare actual security against policy goals in both quantitative and qualitative terms. Security operations auditing can be useful for both lowering 'cyber-insurance' premiums and providing partners and customers with verifiable evidence of security compliance.

Preparation toward the BS7799 / ISO17799 Certification

Securitrees staff consists of BS7799 Lead Auditors that were trained and certified by BSI (British Standard Institute). They are equipped with the highest level of methodological education, which is acknowledged worldwide.

Every service granted by Securitree follows BS7799 / ISO7799 guidelines in order to provide the highest standard of security performance. Securitree prepares customers in creating a sufficient security infrastructure, through a thorough policy construction, risk analysis, asset analysis, risk management, procedure generation, implementation, training, DRP & BCP and control management.

Strategy Development

Strategy is the foundation of any worthwhile security effort. Like any business process, security is effective only when based on a sound strategic plan. Implementing a plan isn't enough on its own. Ongoing monitoring ensures that security solutions evolve to meet changing business needs.

Our Security team serves as a trusted advisor in the development of a comprehensive information security strategy. We bring thought leadership to the table enabling clients to achieve a comprehensive security plan including people, process and technology, for managing enterprise security risks.

We help companies transform from reactive organizations with extreme exposure to proactive organizations with high awareness and low vulnerabilities. In combined efforts with Securitree, the customers valuable network resources will address root cause and eliminate or drastically reduce emergency response.

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